Mini Wax Carving pencil,digital old type,100v-240v


Mini Wax Carving pencil is a dental equipment, and the wax model is carved molding of electrical appliances.
Supply a variety of carving tips (6pcs/kit), easy to adjust the temperature, the precision of the paraffin operation, efficiency is very high.
Good thermal conductivity, long life products, according to ergonomic design, easy to operate.
Stable supply voltage, temperature deviation is small.
Set temperature (C / F) state is displayed on the display screen, you can always see, easy to operate.
Disconnect the power supply or closed, you can remember the previous operating temperature.



1. Handpiece of wax carving pencil on the left switch

2. Left handpiece temperature Up/Down

3. Right handpiece temberature Up/Down

4. Handpiece of wax carving pencil on the right switch

5. Celsius / Fahrenheit conversion

6. Screen,which displays the current temperature

7. Handpiece of Wax carving pencil

8. Tips of Wax carving pencil (6 pcs/Kit)


1.DONT touch the tips of Wax carving pencil while in use as its very hot.

2. DONT touch with wet hand

3.Turn off power,when changing tips,and should wait till cool

4.Do not use damaged power cord, plug, loose outlet (It may cause fire and electric shock)

5.Do not bend power cord heavily and dont let the cord to be pressed under heavy stuff. (It may cause fire and electric shock)

6.Do not block the ventilation openings at the bottom of the products.

7.Please unplug when it is thundering or lightening

8.Dont pull out the plug with wet hand.

9.Dont install the product at the place with high humidity, dust and spatting water.

10.Please clean the product after unplugging,dont spray water directly,dont use chemicals for cleaning.

11.Please unplug immediately, when you detect noise, smell and smoke.

12.Dont disassemble,repair,reconstruction.

13.If have any questions and problem,please contact us




Input Power: AC100V240V 50Hz/60Hz

Max Wattage:20W

Dimensions:11cm x10.5cm x3.9cm

Temperature: 50C-200C 122F -392F



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